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Defender Signal Blocker -Stop Car Relay Thefts

Recent research published by vehicle industry  showed that as many as 96% of those surveyed were at risk of falling victim to the latest method of tech-savvy theft.

Tesla Model S/X Centre Console Dividers

Tesla Model S/X Centre Console Dividers

The standard equipment Centre Console Dividers supplied with Tesla Model S and Model X cars includes dividers in the centre console, which helps organise the space under the sliding lid.

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EV Accessories Ltd – Electric Vehicle Products

On the EV Accessories Ltd Blog you’ll find the latest products for your electric vehicle. Launched by experienced EV owners, for EV owners old and new. We offer the must have products for running and maintaining an electric vehicle. Making the switch from Petrol or Diesel is easy. It’s so easy, you’ll wonder why you […]

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