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Must Have Accessories For Your Tesla Model S

Let’s take a wild guess, you’ve got your new Model S and your home charger is installed or on its way. You’ve put a few hundred miles on the clock and got past any range anxiety you had, or thought you might have. Here is our guide to the Tesla Model S Accessories you might […]

Defender Signal Blocker -Stop Car Relay Thefts

Recent research published by vehicle industry  showed that as many as 96% of those surveyed were at risk of falling victim to the latest method of tech-savvy theft.

Tesla Model 3 Centre Console Tray

EV Accessories Ltd announces our latest product for the Tesla Model 3. It comes in the form of a centre console tray.

Defender Signal Blocker – Faraday Bags

Car theft by relay attack is on the increase, don’t be a victim with a Defender Signal Blocker Faraday Bags. EV Accessories recommends that anyone with a keyless entry car uses one of these great products.

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