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Hansshow Product Installation Service

EV Accessories is now able to recommend a 3rd party installation company. Hansshow Frunk and Boot kit installation is now available in some areas. 

The installation can be done for you at your convenience. Please note that this is service provided by a third party. Hansshow Kits are available in our shop here.

Common queries answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically you should allow two hours for the appointment, Model 3 Trunk kits should allow 4 hours. Please speak to your installer for an accurate time frame. Kick Sensors will add time to the installation.

Fitting costs are based on location and time required. 

Generally yes, the fitter is mobile and travels all across the UK, however local fitting is dependant on your location. Alternative arrangements may be available.

Yes, this can be arranged if needed. However you must purchase the kit first as installation is provided by a third party company. We will pass the kits on to the installation engineer.

The fitter will charge you accordingly for their service. You will pay them directly. EV Accessories does not take a commission or fee.

All the kits are designed for DIY install, however peoples ability’s and confidence levels are different.  Please bear in mind that the product warranty will cover the product only and not installation services.

Hansshow kits are all DIY install kits.

Any professional installation will not void your warranty with Hannshow as long as the installation is carried out as per the kit instruction.

Hansshow warranty covers the parts within the kit only.

The installation service recommended by EV Accessories is not covered by the Hansshow warranty in any form. The installation service is provided by an independent 3rd party. 

Hansshow products have varying warranty periods. EV Accessories will cover out of box failures for these products within our returns policy.  Any failures after installation should be directed to Hansshow on the product documentation. 

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By using this form we will share your details with a third party installation company. Your email address and phone number will be passed on to them.

Fitting Service is offered via a third party company only. We have endevoured to find the best fitters for the job however we are unable to provide any liablity for their services.