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How To Make Giant Frunk Batteries

This blog post from EV Accessories is a basic list of materials we used to build our giant replica Duracell Frunk Batteries for our Model S. This build is still in progress and will be updated. We started by measuring a simple AA Duracell battery and scaling it up by a factor of 10, then working out what we could make the shell from. Scaling up the AA battery gives us a size of 510mm x 140 mm, so the first challenge was finding something “off the shelf” that would work with to form the shell. The natural idea was to look at drain pipe, but these are thick and I wanted to keep the weight as light as possible. So the next idea was to look at extractor fan ducting. Having searched local hardware stores we found that fan ducts come in 150mm diameter, but finding a pre-cut length at around 500mm was a challenge at a local level. So off to Amazon and ebay. First we found what we needed on Amazon here, but rather expensive. So off to ebay where we found the same product much cheaper. So we ordered 4 pipes at 500mm x 150mm dia. (4 because we’d already been asked to make some for someone else).
You’ll need 2 of these at 150mm x 500mm to build your giant frunk batteries
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