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Must Have Accessories For Your Tesla Model S

Let’s take a wild guess, you’ve got your new Model S and your home charger is installed or on its way. You’ve put a few hundred miles on the clock and got past any range anxiety you had, or thought you might have. Here is our guide to the Tesla Model S Accessories you might want, or need

So Let look at some EV Accessories available from us, and other sites.

1. The Dribox

What’s a dribox? I hear you say, and if you have heard of them, you might have used on for those festive decorative lights we love to put up once a year.

Well the Dribox 330 is the perfect size for putting your UMC (universal mobile connnector) in when is raining. It will keep it dray and more importantly clean. This will enable you to charge your car anywhere condidently that your UMC will stay dry. The UMC is waterproof, but this gives you that extra layer of protection. For charing from a three pin plug, oyu might want to buy a good quality extension lead, which takes us to must have accessory number 2.

2. Extension Leads

Now this is a delicate subject, you’re going to charge Tesla un a number of ways, and one of them could be a three pin plug, and you might thing that extension real from under the stairs is perfect for the job, but most are not rated for 13amp continuous dray. Unlike an Iron, for example that uses 13amps, the iron heats up to temperature then cuts off until the temperature drops. Your Tesla is going to draw max current for a few hours. You can buy an industrial extension, but the chances are they wont take the heat literally. This is where Xavelec comes in.

Xavelec produce extension leads for Tesla charging, the owner of the company is a Tesla owner and has a wealth of experience as a european traveller in his Tesla. His extension lead kits come in all sorts of combinations for use abroad and within the UK. Xavelec even make a special letterbox adaptor so you don’t have to leave a door or window open. Check them our HERE.

3. The Model S Jack Pad Adaptor Tool

This is the product that started EV Accessories off and remain one ouf our top selling. We manufacture this for Tesla Model S and Model X There is no strong jackpad on the market. It has been designed to ensure pressure isonly applied to the vehicles jacking position when used on a trolley jack or four post lift. The adapter tool enables the jack saddle to maintain a safe clearance from the battery pack located in the cars floor pan. Read our blog post on how to Jack a Tesla Model S safely. Get one before you allow your Model S to be jacked with a Trolley Jack.

Tesla Model S X Jack Pad
Tesla Model S X Jack Pad

Designed for Professionals and Owners

Our Tesla jack pad has sold across the globe to owners and professionals.  Professionals have told us they choose our jack pad due it’s construction alone.  Our jack pad it the only metal tool on the market to fully distribute the load across the jack point.  It does this as the only load bearing part is the base, unlike others that hold in place by magnets that transfer load to the retaining bolts.  Due to it’s construction the adaptor is suitable for different size Jack saddles and professional post lifts.

4. LED Upgrades

EV Accessories offer a range of ultra high quality LED upgrades. Choose from Puddle lights or Ghost Lights and Ultra-Bright LED interior upgrades. Our Tesla light upgrade lights are available in a range of types to meet your needs. Available to buy today for your Model S, including our new boot light bar.

Our upgrades lights are plug and play with no extra wiring, they plug directly into the cars original wiring. No patch leads required.

5. Tesla Model S Parcel Shelf Auto Lift Kit

Tesla Model S Parcel Shelf Lift

Possibly the simplest accessory we do, non damaging, reversible parcel shelf lifting kit. Why the parcel shelf doesn’t have this on from the factory we don’t know. but we made one just for you. Check it out.

  • Easy To Install.
  • Removable.
  • Non Damaging Installation.

6. Air Compressor

We wont spend to much time talking about these, but you should carry one in your Tesla Model , simply as it has not spare and can be used with a tyre repair kit as shown in number 7.

7. Tyre Repair Kits

There are two main types of tyre repair kit, the plugger and the liquid sealer, both have a place in your boot. Why both? Well no spare tyre means you’re going to be in a mess if you have a puncture.

So let look at the plugger, this is designed for holes that arnt’t goign to seal with a liquid as further below, this tyre repair method is for those screws and other nasties that have made a visible hole on your tyre. We have a STOP ‘N GO DELUXE TYRE PLUGGER KIT, and its saved us once already.

AirMan ResQ Pilot Roadside Tyre Repair Kit is a liduid tyre repair solution

No tools, no special skills required to fix a puncture at the roadside. The tyre sealant is pumped through the valve by the powerful air compressor for rapid puncture repair. No squeezy bottles or valve core removal needed.

AirMan sealant is approved by leading vehicle manufacturers and is guaranteed not to damage your tyre. The sealant does not set hard and is easily washed out to allow for full repair.

The water based solution is environmentally friendly and is non-toxic, non-corrosive and safe with all TPMS Systems. Suitable for all makes and models needing fast roadside tyre repair.

Seals punctures upto 8mm at the roadside and will last for 125 miles to get you home safe or to a repair garage.

The bonus with this is the kit contains a 12V powerful air compressor, a 300ml sealant liquid bottle, and accessories to inflate bike tires and soccer balls. it can be used without the sealant bottle attached.

Tesla Model S/X Coat Hooks§
Tesla Model S/X Coat Hooks

8. Telsa Model S Coat Hooks

For some reason the Tesla Model S is void of coat hooks, and to be frank its a annoying if you are used to using them. EV Accessories offers some for the rear of the drivers and passenger front seats. Simple install compable only with Seat equiped with the movable head rest.

9. Tesla Model S Rear Entertainment.

Model S/X Rear Seat Entertainment Tablet Holder
Model S/X Rear Seat Entertainment Tablet Holder

Designed to fit Model S and Model X seats with the electrically adjustable head rests only.

Designed for the Tesla Model S, the EV Accessories rear seat entertainment tablet holder is perfect for keeping rear seat passengers entertained on longer journeys. The ideal solution to mounting iPad’s and Tablets in back of a Tesla Model S or Model X. Easy to install and remove when required.

Made by a Tesla Owner For Tesla owners.

  • Installation Time – Less Than 5 minutes.
  • Choice of Colours to help match your interior.
  • Design for Next Gen Seats with electronically adjustable headrest only.

10. Power Frunk Lift Kit

Power Frunk is a smart feature for your Tesla Model S. It allows you to open and close the Frunk with simple operation through:

  1. Mobile APP.
  2. Key Remote.
  3. Dashboard Touch Screen.
  4. Optional Kick Sensor.

This one accessory really changes how you use your car, the frunk becomes much more user friendly just like the electric boot lift thats standard on the facelife models.

Sadly it is only compatable with the facelift version of the Tesla Model S and late versions of the pre facelift that have a single bonnet catch.

It can be fitting in about an hour and forms part of our Hannshow product link up. You can buy it directly from our webiste HERE.

11.Tesla Model S Cubby Tray Draw

Okay, we were going to stick with 10, but as the stereo in the Model S goes to 11, so will we.

Tesla Model S/X Centre Console Tray
Tesla Model S/X Centre Console Tray

Our launch safe cubby tray is the ONLY cubby draw tray on the market that is try launch safe, and wont try and escape when your floor the Model S.

It doesn’t use magenets or any extra fittings to hold it in place. We would tell you how it does it, but we really don’t want our competitiors copying it. That’s why we have registered the design to protect it.

The Model S cubby tray draw is contructed from plastic and flock linned to a high standard. It’s ideal for sunglasses, and thing like charge cards. A place where they dont slip out or into hard to reach places.

Take a look in more detail HERE.

We hope you benifit from this guide to Tesla Model S Accessories. Did we miss anything that our owners could benifit from? What Tesla Model S Accessories do you have? Please comment below.

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