Tesla Model 3 Diagnostic Kit Bundle – Post Jan 2019

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Tesla Model 3 Diagnostic Bundle, read the CAN bus data from your Tesla Model 3 using your own mobile phone or tablet. Model 3 Diagnostic CAN OBD cable adapter and reader included.

Tesla Model 3 Diagnostic Kit Bundle Includes.

For more information about our cables please see our Model 3 Cable product page here, or for more information about our Bluetooth Diagnostic tool click here.

Location of Diagnostic connector In The Model 3

The Model 3 Port is located at the rear of the centre console and accessible from the rear footwell but removing the rear centre console cover.

  • Model 3 – Post January 2019 Build Date Only.

There are two versions of the connector depending on when your Model 3 was built. We presently only supply cables for post January 2019 BUILD DATE Models.

Please note that your vehicles BUILD DATE is NOT the same as the date of first registration.


The Tesla Model 3 MUST be shut down before inserting the cable in to the loom.  The shut down takes 15 minutes to complete and is performed from the screen within the vehicle.  Failure to shut down the car before inserting the cable into the loom may damage your vehicle and or cause faults.

Application software.

Application software currently available is ScanMyTesla (Android) and TMSpy For Andriod Or TMSpy For IOS. Either app will work with the OBDLink MX+ compatible OBD-II bluetooth adapter, with the above cable. Care must be taken when selecting the OBD-II adapter, as not all cheap adapters support the CAN bus protocol (even if they say they do). We would recommend an OBDLINK MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Tool, but any high quality adapter that supports the ST command set is recommended. Please refer to application software for further help with ODB-II adapter selection. With iOS you DO NOT pair the elm with the iOS Device, the TMSpy app will do it for you.

Please note.  Connecting equipment to your Tesla is done entirely at your own risk.  EV Accessories Limited will not be held responsible for any damage caused to your vehicle through incorrect use of this product. The user is responsible for checking for any damage to the cable prior to use. both upon receipt and for each and every use.  The cable we supply is an adapter to allow you to read the data off the car.  The cable taps into the CAN hi and Lo signals on the cars loom and also the power for OBD devices such as the OBDLINK MX+. 

Our Tesla Model 3 Diagnostic Kit Bundle should work with thew Model Y, however we are unable to test it as we have no model Y available in the UK.

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