Tesla Model 3 Y Yoke Steering Wheel


  • Tesla Model 3 Yoke Tesla Model Y Yoke Steering Yoke
  • Heated or non heated versions available.
  • 2 shapes to choose from.

Tesla Model 3 Yoke Tesla Model Y Yoke steering wheel is custom built to your specifications. You can change the colour or style of the steering wheel according to your taste and preference to create the appearance colour you want. There is no need to exchange/surrender your steering wheel so you can change it at will.

If you car was built after September 2021, please contact us after ordering so we can order the correct Yoke.

The image to the left is a sept 2021 onward steering wheel with the two teeth at the bottom. (Highlighted in the red box).

You will need to unlatch the airbag to check.



Please Note there are 173 different combinations please use the contact form and we will price you up your combination and add it to the site.

Trapezoid Design is wider at the base of the yoke, the inverted trapezoid is tampered inwards in a more conventional style.

1. Delivery time: About 21 -28 days.
2. This steering Yoke is the customised product, and cannot be returned unless faulty, all items are inspected prior to delivery.

The heated function is ONLY applicable for Model’s and Model Y’s with built-in heated steering wheel. You MUST match your original wheels heated or non heat spec.

Tesla Model 3 Yoke Tesla Model Y Yoke Features

  • Ergonomic design to handle long hours of driving
  • Racing inspired style
  • Made from a factory steering wheel to ensure OEM quality and fitment
  • Trims are 100% Real carbon fibre
  • Made with Real Leather and Alcantara

Please Note
All Tesla Model 3 Yoke / Tesla Model Y Yoke Steering Wheels are made to order and can take up to three – four weeks to arrive at your door. You should contact your insurance company as this may be classed as a modification.

Additional information

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 415 × 300 × 17 mm
Car Model


Car Brand

Wheel Shape

Inverted Trapezoid, Trapezoid


Heated, Non Heated


Normal Black Leather, Perforated Black leather, Nappa Black Leather, Nappa White Leather, Alcantara Gray

Side Carbon Trim Finish

No Side Trim, Matte, Gloss

Middle Carbon Trim

No Carbon, Gloss, Matte


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