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Unlocking Tesla 60D’s is Back

EV Accessories in association with the UK Tesla Chat And Chuckle Facebook Group can confirm that Unlocking a 60D to a 75D can now be done once more.

For around 12-18 months ago Tesla Model S 60D owners have been unable to unlock their 60D to a 75D as Tesla removed the option from the “mytesla” page within their accounts.

For those of you that are not familiar with the Model S 60D. Tesla vehicles were fitted with a variety of different battery packs. At some point Tesla standardised production of the 60 and 75 Model S. Tesla fitted both variants with the same 75KWh battery pack, however the 60D’s capacity is limited by software. This means the pack only ever had a usable capacity of around 60kWh despite carrying 75kWh capacity.

This software limitation gives the Model S 60D around 200 miles real world range in ideal conditions, but by far the best thing about the 60 was the fact you can always charge to 100%. This is because 100% isn’t really 100% at all. it was really 86%. Supercharging speed is not massively reduced like other models. Regen braking is always available as the pack is never really full as long as the pack was warm.

Unlocking 60D to 75D Unlocking Tesla 60D is Back! 60D to 75D Unlock
Unlocking Tesla 60D is Back! 60D to 75D Unlock


In October 2017 Tesla announced that they were improving the 0-60 times of the Model S 75D. Known as uncorking, this option wasn’t available for 60D’s

All uncork-able 60D cars had to be verified by Tesla, and it wasn’t long before the Tesla community worked out what they were checking for. The Model S 75D’s 0-60 mph acceleration went down to 4.2 seconds from 5.2 seconds, while Model X’s went from 6.0 seconds down to 4.9 seconds.

Our Unlock and 75D Uncorking.

Time to start an escalation with Tesla, to try and get the unlock and uncorking done after the option was removed.

We kept getting told “We don’t do that anymore” but no one taking our issue onboard. Sadly it was time to explain that we felt we’d duped in to a contract as the feature was removed, and would like it putting correct. We never actually threatened legal action.

The best answer we from a Tesla would say it would be back in six months. However six months later and it still wasn’t back in “myTesla“.

Time to escalate again. We’d heard on the “web” that a UK service centre confirmed it was back, but no one seems to be able to confirm it. Even the service centre that the rumour came from couldn’t confirm what we’d read.

We pressed again this time on the phone and finally got the answer we were waiting for. “We think we can do it”.

Unlocking 60D to 75D

A service appointment booked, the loaner arranged. The 60D to 75D Unlock and uncork is going to happen.

Turns out that our local Tesla service centre in Birmingham struggled to do it first as technical documents were conflicting. From our understanding the software used in house had moved on. We believe this due to a new version for raven models and it was no longer straight forward to do.

It took them a week to get the method correct, but Birmingham service centre didn’t give up at any point. Using previous software version, unlocking is completed within 15 mins.

If you are in the UK with a 60D and want it unlocking, give Tesla Birmingham Digbeth a call. Sure it’s going to cost you £2190 inc vat, but the new car feeling with the uncorked performance is amazing.

We have a rebadged Model S 75D with a “typical” range of 224 miles showing at 100% on a cold autumn afternoon. 90% charge gives us 204 miles. This is 7 miles more than 100% as a 60D, which as we know is 86% of the 75kWh pack.

We also had the CCS conversion done, a headlight replaced due to failed DLR and the Cache cleared on the MCU which was giving us a slow MCU1.

Owners can be happy that unlocking 60D to 75D is back.

To Sum Up

Tesla have seemingly never stopped doing it to CPO cars. You simply won’t see a 60D with a 75 pack for sale from Tesla. We read reports of new owners of CPO cars leaving Tesla with a 75D badge. However still being 60D in car. All reports stated, an over the air update pushed to the car fixed it.

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