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Which Tyres For Your Tesla Model S

Prices of tyres for any vehicle vary from day to day, and getting tyres for your Tesla isn’t always easy as in many cases they have to be ordered.

Firstly you need to know what tyres are fitted to your Model S, as like any car, the details are on the sidewall of the tyre as shown below. The numbers and letters mean different tyre characteristics.

The information tells you about the dimensions, speed rating and tyre pressure setting. To order must know at least 4 main pieces of information:

Tyre Width

Tyre width is shown in millimetres and is the width from one side of the tyre to the other. The higher this number the wider your tyre.

Tyre Profile.

Tyre profile is a ratio, not a measurement. The profile is a percentage of the ratio of tyre width to profile height.


Diameter is the size of the wheel the tyre is going to be fitted to. Sometime the letter R will be placed in front of this number

Load Rating

Tyres have a load rating, this number corresponds to a maximum load that the tyre car carry.

The load index of your tyre can determine the maximum weight that the tyres can carry. In order to find the load index, see the tyre size info section. It is essential not to exceed the maximum weight as it could make your insurance void.

Tyre Speed Rating

Tyres have a speed rating letter. The letter corresponds to a maximum speed that the tyre can sustain for a 10 minute period without falling to pieces.

Each speed rating is 10Km/h above the previous. This is a very important parameter, as there is a legal requirement to fit tyres to your vehicle with the correct speed rating

Standard 19″ Tyre Size 245/45 R19

For comparison, Tesla charge around £250-£300 for a Michelin, but you can save buy shopping at places like ATS Euromaster, BlackCircles, Demon Tweeks, Kwikfit, MyTyres, National Tyres, Protyre, Tyre Shopper, Tyres On The Drive, TyrePlus, Tyres UK . The Michelin Primecy 3’s fitted to many new is discontinued.

Michelin PILOT SPORT 3 comes in a standard tyre or a T0, for the Tesla Model S. The T0 is a special Tesla tyre constructed for the characteristics of the Tesla suspension geometry, and is also an acoustic tyre. Acoustic tyres have a foam lining to reduce tyre noise. The T0 tyre should not be confused with MO and AO tyres for Audi and Merc.

  • Contisport Contact 5
  • Dunlop Sport Maxx Rt
  • Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2
  • Goodyear Excellence
  • Pirelli P zero / P zero Rosso

21″ Stagger Tyres

245/35/R21 or 265/35/R21

Stagger tyres are different front and back so remember to check both as you might have a staggered setup.

MichelinPilot Super SportAcoustic – The top-performing tyre for acceleration, speed and handling (come as standard on P model).
Note: There are two versions Acoustic (standard from Tesla) or Standard versions (commonly found on Costco website etc). Acoustic Versions.

Acoustic Versions

  • 245/35 ZR21 96Y Pilot Super Sport Acoustic T0 (Fronts)
  • 265/35 ZR21 101 Y Pilot Super Sport Acoustic T0 (Rears)

Non Acoustic item numbers

  • Michelin 245/35 / ZR21 Y (96) PILOT SUPER SPORT Extra Load (XL) (Fronts)
    Michelin 265/35 /ZR21 Y (101) PILOT SUPER SPORT Extra Load (XL) (Rears)
  • Conti SportContact 5p
  • Conti SportContact 5p ContiSilent (tyre contains acoustic foam
  • Pirelli PZero XL 

What about Tyre Pressure Monitoring Valves?

If you buy a second set of wheel, you’ll need to buy a full set of TMPS values. Tesla sell these in singles or sets of 4, but you can buy compatible versions at good tyres centres.

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