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Which Wiper Blades For My Model 3?

Changing the wiper blades on your Tesla Model 3 is a DIY job, with a little help from us you can get the job done in minutes.

So Which Wiper Blades Do You Need For The Tesla Model 3?

The Model 3 is fitted with 650mm drivers Blades and a 480mm passenger Blade – You do not need to buy them from Tesla, they are standard Valeo Silencio VF819 Front Wiper Blade Set and are available from us, EV Accessories.

Replacing Wiper Blades

You should ideally replace your wiper blades once a year for optimum performance. We recommend doing it after the summer, as the heat scan deteriorate the blades.

To replace the wiper blades On The Tesla Model 3:

Before you start. The Model 3 wiper arms DO NOT lift far away from the screen and you should not force them to fare off the screen. Do not left the arm slam onto the glass over wise you may crack your screen.

  1. Shift into Park and turn off the wipers.
  2. Touch ‘Controls’ > ‘Service’ > ‘Wiper Service Mode’ > ‘ON’ to move the wipers to the service position.
  3. Lift the wiper arm a short distance away from the windshield, just far enough to access the wiper blade. Caution: Wiper blades do not lock into a lifted position. Do not lift a wiper arm beyond its intended position.
  4. Place a or sponge or folded towel under the wiper arm to avoid scratching or cracking the windshield in case it lowers down for any reason.
  5. Hold the wiper arm and press the locking tab while sliding the blade down the arm.
  6. Align the new blade on the wiper arm and slide it toward the hooked end of the arm until it locks into place.
  7. Slowly lower the wiper blade against the windshield.
  8. Turn Wiper Service Mode off to return the wipers to their normal position.
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