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How To Make Giant Frunk Batteries

This blog post from EV Accessories is a basic list of materials we used to build our giant replica Duracell Frunk Batteries for our Model S. This build is still in progress and will be updated. We started by measuring a simple AA Duracell battery and scaling it up by a factor of 10, then […]

How To Turn Off Your Tesla Model S

How To Turn Off Your Tesla Model S Or X

We’ve had our Model S for over three years and always found it strange that the car would stay on for a long period if waiting for someone whilst sat in the car. This week we discovered a feature that may be new or simply one that we hadn’t found. You can turn your Model […]

Saturday Dispatch Suspended

Saturday Dispatch Suspended.

Due to the Coronavirus social distancing we have decided to stop Saturday dispatching of goods until the social distancing advice is lifted and social venues re-open. We have taken this step to protect postal workers and our team during this difficult trading time. This is due to our Saturday outbound mail needing to be dropped […]

How To Stop Tesla Car Thieves

If you own a Tesla, stopping Tesla Thieves will be a high priority on you list of “to do” things. Although Tesla vehicles are generally one of the more secure vehicles on the market, their construction utilises a collection of valuable electronic components. Want the parts to make a 100kW Power Wall? A box of […]

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