Detail Guardz Tyre Jam Eliminator – 4 Pack


Detail Guardz Tyre Jam Eliminator – Stops Hoses and wires getting caught under wheels

  • 4 Pack
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Detail Guardz Tyre Jam Eliminator – Stops hoses getting caught under wheels

Fits: All makes & models of cars, motorcycles & trucks
Material: Heavy duty polyethylene

Detail Guardz Tyre jam eliminator kits are the most efficient way to work around your vehicles, without being interrupted by stubborn hose & cord jams. Our ultra-smooth roller system allows for easy movements, without the need to tug and adjust your equipment. This unique tool has a locking mechanism, it instantly grips the tyre, ensuring even the strongest forces can’t knock it loose. Just quickly slide them into place and forget about pesky hose & cord troubles.

Absolutely ideal for making car cleaning easy without your hose getting caught behind your wheel also great for the bodyshops stopping your air line getting caught behind the wheels whiles painting.

Detail Guardz the hose guide for your car! Stop your hose and cords from getting caught on tyres and speed up your detailing process. No need to stop to pull leads out from under your car’s tyre. These Detail Guardz fit all tyres. Simply place on the outside corner of each tyre and allow the roller to guide your hose smoothly around your car.

Ideal for pressure wash hoses or electric cables on vacuum cleaners or polishing machines.

Additional information

Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 350 × 120 × 85 mm


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