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Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Adaptor Tool – Fits Model S X Y
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Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Adaptor Tool – Fits Model S X Y


  • Helps owners jack a Tesla Model 3.
  • Helps locate car jack away from battery pack.
  • Jack on the manufactures intended jacking position.
  • Designed for an exact fit to the vehicles jack pad.
  • Will work on Model S and X.

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Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Adaptor Tool – Also fits Model S, Model X and Model Y

When performing maintenance (which requires the vehicle to be raised from the ground) on any Tesla, it is essential that the vehicle is lifted correctly in order to avoid any damage to the high voltage battery that is located under the car.

All Tesla models have four dedicated jacking points, which require the use of and adapter to fit into the locating points designed for this purpose.

These can be used with hydraulic jacks or vehicle lift in order to raise the vehicle safely and efficiently.

Note: Never raise the vehicle with the charging cable connected, even if charging is not in progress.

An incorrectly supported vehicle should never be worked on.

Download the safety guide and instructions HERE.

Model 3 Jacking procedure using a wheel-free lift:

  1. Position the vehicle centrally between the lift posts.
  2. Locate the dedicated jacking points on the vehicle (illustrated in yellow). Ensure all points are free from debris and insert Model 3 Jack Pad adaptor tool (as marked in green). Position the lift arm pads under the adaptor to avoid damaging the high voltage battery area (highlighted in red).
  3. Check and adjust the height and position of the lift arm pads to ensure they are correctly located.
  4. With assistance, raise the lift, ensuring the lift arm pads remain in their correct positions.

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