BMW i3 Lower Engine Mount Bush PFF5-1320 – Powerflex


Contents (parts per pack):

  • 2 x Polyurethane A bushes
  • 2 x Polyurethane B inserts
  • 1 x Stainless steel sleeve
  • 1 x Grease
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Powerflex Lower Engine Mount Bush PFF5-1320
BMW i3 Lower Engine Mount Bush PFF5-1320 - Powerflex £47.22
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BMW i3 Lower Engine Mount Large Bush PFF5-1320, Adding the insert will stiffen the bush further and potentially increase NVH, especially on diesel-engined vehicles.

OEM Part Number: 22116885788 (current)

OEM Part Number: 22116875190 (to 23.12.2016)

OEM Part Number: 22116853470 (to 03.09.2014) / 22116872114 (to 04.05.2015)

Quantity per car : – 1

Also fits Mini F56

Please read the complete fitting instructionsand check package components before fitment.
These fitting instructionsare to be used asa guide and in conjunction with workshop manual.

It isrecommended that:

  • all work to be carried out by a licensed technician;
  • all safety precautionsadhered to;
  • -wheel alignment to be checked and adjusted asrequired after any suspension work.
  • All fastenersmust be tensioned to manufacturer’storque settings

Fittng Instructions for BMW i3:

1. Remove original bush from the arm, clean any dirt and corrosion from bore in arm.
2. Push the A components of the bush into the bore of the arm, positioning the bore of the bush nearest the outside edge to maintain its original offset positon.
3. Apply some of the supplied grease to the bore of the bush and insert the sleeve.
4. Refit the arm to the car using the original bolt and washer; tension all hardware to manufacturers recommended torque settings.
5. To limit the flexibility of the bush, add the supplied polyurethane inserts (B) into each part of the bush.

Download the instructions HERE.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 300 × 250 × 250 mm
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