Defender Signal Blocker Authorised Stockist Secured By Design Black OT01119 - Red OT01143 - Grey OT01118
Defender Signal Blocker with RPF™ Car Key Signal Blocker
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Defender Signal Blocker with RPF™ Car Key Signal Blocker


  • Car Key Signal Blocking Bag / blocker Pouch, protects relay attacks.
  • Dual-purpose signal blocking Faraday pouch.
  • Made from unique RPF™ material. High Quality, Double Stitched Design.
  • Secured By Design Police Specification.
  • Large enough smartphones OR multiple Key fobs.
  • Available in three colours Black, Red & Grey.
  • New Twin Pack Available
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Defender Signal Blocker a car key signal blocker of the highest quality and possibly the best signal blocker on the market. The Defender Signal blocker is Secured By Design police preferred specification means it accredited by the UK Police.  The Defender Signal Blocker is an industry leading front line protection Faraday bag for your mobile devices and keyless entry car key fobs. EV Accessories is an Official Stockist of the Defender Signal Blocker.

Now available in a price busting twin pack!

Defender Signal Blocker Car Key signal jamming pouch with RPF. Available in Black, Grey and now Red. Awarded Secured By Design meaning it has Police Preferred Specification.

Protect key-less entry car fobs from relay attacks with the Defender Signal Blocker. The Defender Signal Blocker protects key-less entry fobs from being scanned by tech-savvy car thieves. This is the ultimate Faraday bag for car keys and mobile phones.

Shipped by Royal Mail and normally delivered next day when selecting first class post and if ordered before 12pm Monday to Friday.  We also dispatch Saturday mornings.

The Defender Signal Blocker – Black OT01119, Red OT01143, and Grey OT01118.

How To Use Instructions

  1. Place your Key fob or mobile phone inside the rear pouch marked “insert here” (this is the only blocking pouch, there are two pockets).
  2. Close and fully seal the Velcro flap, ensuring there are NO GAPS.
  3. Within 5 seconds for phones and 10 seconds for key fobs, all signals will be blocked.
  4. Remove your phone or fob and all signals will return within 5 seconds.

What are Relay Attacks?

  • Most modern cars now use key-less ‘smart’ fobs, which allow access and ignition by proximity.
  • These fobs communicate with vehicles via radio waves, with a range of a few metres.
  • Car thieves are using specialist signal-boosting devices to amplify the proximity signal of a fob that is inside a property.
  • The device acts as an ‘extender’ to the fob’s signal, while an accomplice waits next to the car, ready to open the door.
  • The method is quick and silent, allowing access and ignition in less than 60 seconds.

How can they be stopped?

  • The market-leading Defender Signal Blocker provides faultless protection against this new method of car crime.
  • Lined with specialist RPF material that prevents a car fob’s signal from communicating with a vehicle.
  • As long as a fob is placed and sealed inside the pouch, it is inaccessible to criminal signal boosting devices.
  • Large enough to hold multiple fobs and highly durable. Ideal or keeping around the house and carrying on your person.

Car Key Signal Blocker Features

  • Authorised Stockist GOLD
    Authorised Stockist GOLD

    High quality mobile phone and vehicle fob signal blocking pouch with unique RPF (TM) material. As seen on TV, including BBC News and Rip Off Britain!

  • Blocks proximity fob signals. calls, SMS, Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth®, RFID, NFC – Blocks & Unblocks in just 5 seconds!
  • Discourages phone use while driving – no notifications, no distractions!
  • Protects key-less car fobs from Relay Attacks,
  • Protects contact less cards and passports.
  • Secured By Design Police accreditation.

Defender Signal Blocker, a mobile phone storage pouch lined with specialist RPF (TM) material. Look for the Defender brand name to buy with confidence! The best signal blocking bag on the market.

Defender Signal Blocker was originally designed for use as a mobile phone storage pouch lined with special RPF material. When sealed inside the pouch, a mobile phone cannot receive any calls or alerts, blocking the temptation for a driver to use. They are also the perfect size for storing car keys to prevent relay attacks.

Large enough to fit all phones or car keys, including is a handy insert card that provides information on the updated laws on phone use while driving.

Defender Signal Blocker – Car Key Signal Blocker.

Defender Signal Blocker, not just limited to use while driving; the signal blocker pouch can be successfully used in any situation that you don’t want your phone to go off. Be it at work or school, in the cinema, at a function, attending a sporting event, or even just to guarantee conversation in the pub!

Defender Signal Blocker use intelligent RPF blocking material also possesses the capability to block RFID signals transmitted by contact-less cards, modern passports and key-less car fobs, thwarting digitally savvy thieves and identity fraudsters.

The Best Car Key Signal Blocker – Secured by Design

The Defender Signal Blocker is simply the best car key signal blocking pouch on the market.  We’ve tested others and found they don’t not last and “leak” after just a few weeks. Buy with confidence.

Secured by design police preferred specification

Voted Auto Express Best Buy 2018! Shortlisted for In Car Product of the Year at the 2018 First Car Awards!  

As seen on BBC 1’s Rip Off Britain, BBC News, Auto Express and lots more. The UK’s no.1 selling Faraday key pouch.

The Defender Signal Blocker, probably the best product on the market, also known under the following terms, defender faraday bag, car key signal blocking pouch, defender Faraday pouch, RFID car key pouch, phone signal blocking pouch, the best faraday bags for car keys. There is only that secured by designs and UK police preferred specification.

Dispatched from UK, Shipped via Royal Mail.

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Dimensions 186 × 117 × 7 mm

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6 reviews for Defender Signal Blocker with RPF™ Car Key Signal Blocker

  1. fruitbat44 (verified owner)

    Great product that does what it says and a great person/ company to deal with

  2. eric.f (verified owner)

    It Does What it is designed to do

  3. justin.cockett (verified owner)

    This is the best product of its kind on the market. I’ve carried out extensive tests and they have the highest RF attenuation of any competing product. EV Accessories also have the best price on the internet.

  4. spikeg1972 (verified owner)

    Fast delivery from EV bought these after seeing news reports of keyless cars being stolen, well made and by seeing other reviews I hope will never actually need them

  5. iwightpete (verified owner)

    Fast delivery from EV and best price I could find on the internet. Put my key fob in it, placed it on the centre console in the car and it worked brilliantly. No signal and the car would not start. Thanks EV.

  6. rovboss (verified owner)

    Well made product which passed every tert that I gave it. Keys and phone should be perfectly safe from remote cyber attack now they’re in the Defender.

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