Electric Vehicle Gap Insurance
Electric Vehicle Gap Insurance – 10% Off

Electric Vehicle Gap Insurance – 10% Off


ALA Insurance is the UK’s leading independent GAP Insurance provider, specialising in providing top quality GAP Insurance to cover vehicle owners in the event of a write off.

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ALA GAP Insurance policies start from £77 for three years’ cover. Get a quote now, or contact them if you have any particular questions. They are always happy to help.

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What does this policy cover?

This GAP Insurance will, in the event of a Total Loss claim, pay the difference between the Comprehensive Insurance settlement and the retail value of your car at the time the policy is purchased, see illustration below. It is suitable for used vehicles bought from a private individual, company or auction, delivered within the last 90 days.

 Cover features:

  • Available up to 3 years for vehicles owned outright or on finance.
  • ALA only use UK Insurers which means your policy is protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
  • ALA policies do not have a ‘Market Value Clause’.
  • ALA policies do not a have a ‘Glass Guide maximum retail value clause’.
  • Available for cars delivered within the last 90 days from an authorised dealer or finance house.
  • FREE transfer of any unused premium on to a replacement policy.
  • Any amendment made FREE of charge.
  • 10% discount on renewal and additional policies.
  • ALA Guarantee to beat any like for like competitor’s quotation.
 GAP Cover Example:
The Glass’s Guide value of your vehicle when the policy was taken out: £15,000
Your comprehensive market value insurance payout: £10,000
Our Agreed Value GAP payout: £5,000
Comprehensive insurance payout + ALA GAP Insurance payout = £15,000

Best Value GAP Insurance Guide.

Look out for these when buying GAP insurance to ensure you get the best policy to protect your investment.

  1. Market Value Clause.

If you purchase a GAP policy with one of these clauses and your Comprehensive insurer pays less than the Glass’s Guide Retail Value in the event of a total loss, you could be left with a shortfall. Your GAP insurer only pays from the market value not the payment you actually received from your motor insurer.

  1. Free Transfer.

Most GAP policies expire when the applicable vehicle is sold. If you change your vehicle at any point a good GAP policy will let you transfer any unused premium free of charge and deduct this from the price of a policy on your new vehicle. This is a broker offering from ALA and demonstrates our commitment to providing the best customer service.

  1. Maximum Value Clause.

This is another clause to avoid. This places a cap of between 100% and 110% of the Glass’s Guide Retail Value which may mean that the added extras you’ve paid for won’t be covered by your GAP policy.

  1. Time Limit for making a Claim.

A good GAP policy will give you plenty of time to make a claim, accounting for the possibility that there can be delays when your car has been written off. A policy which gives you 120 days to claim rather than just a standard 30 gives you a bit more breathing space.

  1. UK Underwriters.

ALA and our underwriters are fully authorised and regulated by the FCA and as such your policy is covered under the financial services compensation scheme (FSCS) and the financial ombudsman service (FOS).

  1. Deferred Policies.

A number of motor insurers offer new-for-old replacement on brand new vehicles in the first year, encouraging some customers to defer the start of their policy. ALA do not offer deferred policies because during that first year the insurance company can revert back to paying only the market value for various reasons; mileage or condition of the vehicle and in some instances if the vehicle is stolen. It is for these reasons that we recommend that our customers have a GAP policy running alongside this new-for-old period, as we promise to bridge the gap if they settle at market value or start a new policy free of charge if their comprehensive insurer replaces their vehicle in the first year.

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