Tesla Model 3 Sun Blinds – Rear Side Windows


One Pair Of Rear Window sunshade Blinds

  • Left Sun Blind
  • Right Sun Blind
  • Bag Of Fixings.

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One thing that is missing on the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are sunshades for the rear windows.  The frameless window design doesn’t help and pull over blinds can leak.  Our retractable sun blinds are an easy fit solution and perfect for shading the little ones in the back from bright sunlight.

The blinds come with a shelf adhesive strip to secrure them to the door card and a simple wide hook or stick on anchor to hold the blind up and in place.  They allow for the window to be rolled up and down without the need for removal. Easy to fit in minutes.

Fitting Instructions.

  • Clean and dry the door card area on the inside of the door where the class and door card meet.
  • Ensure that any silicone type sprays used to make your interior look fresh are removed as this will prevent the blinds from sticking to the door card.
  • Offer the blinds to the window to confirm they are the correct orientaion for fitting and match the window shape by extending the blind a little in your hand.
  • Remove the backing on the adhiesive strip and firmly press the blind to the door cards.
  • leave for 48hrs before attempting to lift the blind and attach the hook to the window.
  • The window anchor point can be used instead of the hook, ensure the window is clean before sticking it to the window.
  • Warning :- Allowing the blind to snap back sharpy could damage the blinds.

Fitment : –

Tesla Model 3 And Telsa Model Y

Parts Supplied

  • Left Blind
  • Right Blind
  • 2x Window Anchor Points

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 15 mm
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