TPMS Sensor Valve Caps – 4 Pack


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  • 4x Grey TPMS Sensor Valve Caps – TMPS dust caps
  • For TMPS Valve stems.
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TPMS Sensor Valve Caps
TPMS Sensor Valve Caps - 4 Pack £2.99
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TPMS Sensor Valve Caps for your vehicle.  Unlike older vehicles tyre pressure monitoring system dust caps are grey to easily identify the car iw equiped with TMPS sensors. When changing your tyres you will rarly get given new and often the get lost.  A dust cap is essential to protect the TPMS valve stem of a vehicle to prevent dust or other small particles from entering the valve and damaging it.

The dust cap also forms a pressure seal, helping to prevent deflation of the tyre due to slight air seepage past the tyre valve. The dust cap is internally threaded and is secured by screwing it onto the end of the stem.

You should never use metal dust caps on any valve stems as they can corrode and bing or corrode onto the stem. Therefore It is important to use plastic dust caps on TPMS valves.

These caps have rubber seals inserted to stop water ingress and provide a second seal for the valve, this ensures accurate tyre pressure reading.

What Cars are TPMS Sensor Valve Caps For?

All vehicles registered after 1st jan 2015 must be fitted with a fully working tyre pressure monitoring system, it’s an mot failure if your does not operate correctly.

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Dimensions 250 × 250 × 5 mm

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