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Recommended EV Owners Facebook Groups

Here you’ll find a list of Facebook groups that EV Accessories love. Groups that have provent to be doing their bit for EV owners.

UK Tesla Owners Chat

Ran by the famous infamous Mr Clean of the Tesla community, the Tesla owners chat and chuckle group takes a light hearted yet serious approch to Tesla ownership. It strikes a balance that no official group for the UK has, it doesn’t tow the Tesla group line, and plays hardball with owners issues.

Tesla Owners Ireland

The official owners group of Ireland. A rapidly growing community of Tesla owners with a shared interest in making the ownership experience the best they can make it.

MG Electric Vehicle Owners Club

Ran by Jonathan Porterfield and James Coates of Youtube EV James and Kate this MG facebook group is growing by the day. At the time of writing this they were well over 3400 MG EV members strong.

Jaguar I-PACE UK

Have a Passsion for the big cat brand? Here you’ll find all the info you need on the Jaguar I-Pace, we hope the first of many UK EV’s

UK Electric Vehicle Owners Club

All Brand under one roof, shared knowledge is best, owners and prospective owners alike chat all thing EV.

UK Tesla Owners – East Midlands

East Midlands Tesla owners coming together to share their knowledge in the local area. From charge points to event, its covered in this small but growing group

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