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Tesla Model S X Jack Pad Adaptor Tool

Tesla Jack Pad Adapter Tool – Model S Model X

The EV Accessories designed and made Tesla Jack Pad fit the Model S and Model X. Constructed from high grade aluminium for the best possible performance in a high pressure role.

Designed To Handle Heavy Loads.

A Tesla Model S and Model X weighs in at over 2 tons. Jacking one should be done with extreme care. This is not just due to the weight, but also due to the cars jacking point being located next to the cars battery. Jacking a Tesla incorrectly could cost you dearly.

The EV Accessories jack pad adaptor tool is designed to keep your jack away from the battery pack. It does this but providing a step between the jack and car. More importantly doing it whilst still using the cars jack point. Our Jack pads are used by professionals and the Tesla owners the world over.

Tesla Jacking Pad Adaptor Tool – Exclusive To EV Accessories.

The EV Accessories Tesla Model S and Model X Aluminium Jack Pad Adaptor, exclusively made and sold by EV Accessories, and you will not find it available anywhere else.

Tesla Jacking Safety Advice.

Jacking any vehicle can extremely dangerous. This product allows the user to place a car jack under the Model S or Model X in the correct position. This significantly reduces the risk of damage to the battery pack. The Jack pad tool will not prevent the jack slipping if jacked incorrectly.

  • Always jack your Model S and Model X on level ground.
  • Never raise the vehicle more than required.
  • Always read the Model S and Model X instruction manual before jacking for the first time.
  • Always use axle stands when jacking as a safety measure.
  • Use a chock under the opposite side wheel.
  • Activate jack mode on vehicles with air suspension.

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