Car Wing Mirror Protector WingAware
Car Wing Mirror Protector WingAware
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Car Wing Mirror Protector WingAware


  • Fitted In Seconds
  • Patented Design That Locks Securely Without Damaging Your Door
  • High Visibility Stripes
  • Accident Prevention Device
  • Designed And Made In The UK

Please note may not fit: Ford Ka – Mini Mayfair – BMW series 1

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Car Wing Mirror Protector WingAware is a fast easy solution to help prevent wing mirror damage when parking on narrow or busy streets where you car is exposed to potential damage.

The wingAware is a fantastic simple design that makes a big difference. Designed to help avoid side-scrapes and wing-mirror impacts when you are parked on the street. This effective red triangle design helps other motorists notice your vehicle proximity, whilst not becoming an obstacle and maintaining road safety.

Simply park your car, attach it quickly and go about your day with peace of mind that wingaware is providing a visual aid for other driver. Protect your pride and joy from an expensive and avoidable repair or accident.

It’s clean, safe and brightly visible design acts as a visual reference to closely passing vehicles. Simple to attach and flexible enough not to damage anything that may strike it.

Deployed and removed in seconds. A Design that locks securely without damaging your door.

Worried it wont fit your car?  It if doesn’t fit return it for a full refund.

Car Wing Mirror Protector WingAware Fitting Instructions

Fitted in three simple steps.

  1. Open door exposed to roadside traffic.
  2. Push into place with a patented secure fit design
  3. Close the door and enjoy peace of mind.

Car Wing Mirror Protector Wingaware is designed and manufactured in the UK Patent GB2473076 Accident prevention since 2011.  Wingaware alone cannot stop a reckless driver from causing damage to any vehicle, but will provide a visual aid for road users. A smashed wing mirror can result in thousands of pound of damage, that could be prevented at the cost of just £12.99

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Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 250 × 20 × 25 mm


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