Tesla Model S Parcel Shelf Lift
Tesla Model S Parcel Shelf Auto Lift Kit
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Tesla Model S Parcel Shelf Auto Lift Kit


Presenting the simplest, non damaging, reversible parcel shelf lifting kit.

  • Easy To Install.
  • Removable.
  • Non Damaging Installation.

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EV Accessories are pleased to offer the simplest Tesla Model S Parcel Shelf Auto-Lift kit.  It’s an easy to install kit that will lift your parcel shelf with the boot lid, just like every other hatchback on the market. Something that Tesla left out!

The pair of lifting chords are installed in just minutes and very discreet once in place. More importantly, no drilling of any kind is required.

Anyone can install this kit its so easy.  The installation method also allows the cord to release if the parcel shelf is loading with items such as coats.

Designed to complement the Tesla Model S, this kit uses ultra-durable materials that are manufactured to withstand thousands of open-close sequences.

Once installed, this kit will raise the movable portion of the Model S parcel shelf with the rear boot lid as it opens, allowing for easier access your boot area. Upon closing, it lowers the lip back down to its resting position. Works with both electric and manual boot lift arms.

Need to take the shelf out? No problem! Designed to allow for quick and easy removal, it takes about 2 seconds to disconnect. Reconnecting is equally quick and easy and the anchors stay in place so there’s nothing to loose.

All of the high quality components were designed and selected to as not to damage or scratch any part of the vehicle. No tape, glue or adhesives are used.

Installation instructs are available as a digital download and are not sent with the product.  We encourage you to download them on your phone to avoid wasting paper.

Please download the installation instructions here. or type the url into the browser on your phone. evacc.uk/lift

We have Trim Tools available to assist with the Installation here.

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Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 100 × 30 × 5 mm
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